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Life Sciences & Healthcare

We transform processes to work smarter for healthcare organizations and their consumers.

Whether it’s easing the claims burden, reducing waste or improving experiences, our analytics-driven, technology-enabled solutions are tailored to meet the demands of the new era of digital health.

We Serve

Pharmaceuticals & Biotech

Changes in the pharmaceuticals and biotech industries demand new thinking by those looking to rationalize costs.

Medical Devices

We work with industry leaders to improve product development and manufacturing processes across key operational functions.

Government & Public Health Programs

How will you balance competing priorities and manage member volume? We help you adapt to the unexpected requirements the future.

Pharmacy Benefit Management

Services include regulatory compliance solutions, clinical management programs, business intelligence systems.


Engage with our business and technology experts for strategic solutions that address the full scope of healthcare issues today, from compliance through integrated health management.

GLB Healthcare Consulting

GLB’s Healthcare Business Consulting services address the industry trends and market forces that are driving business and IT spend—from rethinking new business models to optimizing operations and enabling technology innovation.

GLB Health TranZform™

Deliver consumer‑centric care leveraging digital communications.

Our Thinking

Les résultats de l’étude de faisabilité des AGR pour les femmes des producteurs de coton validés par les acteurs de la filière

Aprocot'actu Photo-Atelier-RESCO-2-768x396

Les résultats de l’étude de faisabilité des activités génératrices de revenus (AGR) pour les femmes ...

Le CNRA recommande le respect en matière de d’importation de matériel végétal pour redynamiser la filière cotonnière en Côte d’Ivoire

Le monde du coton Des-partenaires-a-latelier-bilan-organise-par-le-CNRA-a-Yamoussoukro

Le Centre national de recherche agronomique (CNRA) recommande le respect de la législation en matièr...


A Leading Payer Reduces the Costs of Medical Management

A national health insurance plan with more than 30 million members across the U.S. was under a corporate mandate to reduce medical management costs within the next fiscal year. The health plan’s clinical talent hiring and retention costs were high and it also faced considerable challenges in staffing for care management. The health plan needed a comprehensive strategy for addressing MLR regulations and compliance.

We developed a complete solution for handling the client’s commercial utilization management (UM) claims from pilot to roll-out. Our accredited and U.S. licensed clinical teams remotely accessed the client’s platform from multiple offshore operations centers and provided a full slate of UM services.